Aggressive Advocacy For Dog Bite & Animal Attack Victims

A dog bite or other animal attack can be a very traumatic incident. For the victim, dog attacks can very well cause serious and life-altering injuries. Sometimes injuries in an animal attack arise from evasive maneuvers necessary to try and avoid injury – like pulling your dog away and tripping over a curb because of it – even these injuries may be compensable. If you or your loved one has been in a dog bite incident, speaking with a dedicated team of dog bite lawyers may be your next step. For all the injuries, physical and emotional, you or your loved one may have suffered from the dog bite, come to Redefine Law Firm for counsel. We have unparalleled experience fighting for the victims of dog bites and animal attacks.

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California Dog Bite Laws

California’s dog bit claims will fall under a “strict liability” rule under Section 2234 of the California Civil Code.


The strict liability rule is in place to ensure pet owners are held liable for any injuries their pet has caused even if they have no history of being vicious. This statue is generally applicable to injuries or traumas that are caused by bites.  There may be exceptions if the victim was trespassing, the dog was a military or police animal, or if the victim provoked the animal. Moreover, there may be instances when someone other than the animal owner has liability (which may not be strict liability). The law in this area is nuanced and often times complicated. Call today to see if one our lawyers can take your case and help you navigate your way to justice.