Redefine Law Firm Fights For The Rights Of The Victims Of Uber & Lyft Accidents.

The past ten years has seen the birth and proliferation of the ridesharing industry. Although extremely convenient, this technological phenomenon has come with many drawbacks as well.

Rideshare accidents have steadily increased in direct correlation with the increase in the number of Uber/Lyft users.  In fact, according to a joint study by the University of Chicago and Rice University, traffic fatalities have increased by 2-3% in the United States since 2011 with the increase in ridesharing service. ( ).  There are also other risk factors when using a ridesharing service such as Uber/Lyft. Incompetent drivers and even acts of violence have occurred with Lyft and Uber nationwide.  If you were ever in accident in an Uber or Lyft and have suffered damages reach out to the best in the business.  Redefine Law firm has extensive rideshare claims experience and will fight to maximize your case.

Rideshare Insurance Requirements in California

In 2015, California passed ( link to bill 2293 This bill requires rideshare companies and their drivers to carry liability insurance coverage up to 1 million in some instances.

The circumstances and conditions that apply are more complex than meets the eye.  There are also nuanced issues that may need to be explained to make sure the maximum coverage applies. Our lawyers have tremendous experience in this area and can act to protect your rights and win big. Call us today for a free consultation with an Uber or Lyft experienced lawyer.